Just about any reputable Information Technology company can perform the work required to keep your technology working correctly and efficiently.  But what will your experience with that company be like and who can you trust?  Exactly who are you partnering with?  Do they have your best interest in mind?  Or are you just another client to them?  Will you have clear and effective communication?  Will they be dependable and fair?

DRD Computer Consultants really is a different kind of Company!


With over 700 clients served, we still provide service to our very first client from 35 years ago!


Trust is that certainty, confidence, and strength you will receive with DRD knowing that you are being provided with IT Professionals who walk in integrity and character backed by our solid and proven trustworthy reputation of 35 plus years of loyal service to our customers and partners. When we walk through your door, you can rely upon that Trust and have that Peace that transcends concerns about your IT Partner.


At DRD, we believe in Partnership. We don’t just consult with you, we partner with you. We make it our business to know your business so that we can provide the most efficient and cost effective IT solutions to grow and maintain your business well into the future. We take pride in knowing that our Partnership philosophy has played an integral part in ensuring our customer's success for over 35 years.


Life is more than just business. It's about Relationships. At DRD, we go beyond just taking care of your IT needs. We spend the necessary time to get to know each and every member of your organization in a more personal way (hence our personal touch!). We enjoy our profession but we put a premium on our interaction with our customers while performing our services in order to keep them informed and educated about the services being performed. We are all about relationships!  Just ask our current customers. At DRD Computer Consultants, our clients understand why our motto is “Professional Service with a Personal Touch Since 1987” and it’s why we still maintain & service our very first customer to this day.


At DRD, we are an upfront and communicative company that enjoys a long standing reputation of high quality, honesty, integrity and fairness.  Values that are quite hard to come by these days.  We stand behind everything we do.  We ensure that each and every job is done right and to our customer's satisfation.


We have built a reputation in the industry as being more than fair. We have always erred on the side of our customers regarding any billing issues, etc. In fact we regularly waive or reduce many billable hours when dealing with complex issues and our customers trust us because we never sell them any products, services, or technology they don't actually need just for the sake of profit.


We have gained a tremendous amount of experience throughout the last 35 years and we have had the privilege of helping our clients grow and succeed to new levels. We have taken some of them from working out of their garage or home to owning their own multi-tenant office buildings or warehouses and DRD has been with them every step of the way! Our Experience really speaks for itself!


At DRD Computer Consultants, we have a very broad range of technical and business experience in various and multiple vertical markets. Therefore, we are not only able to offer insights and information specific to your industry, but we also leverage our vast database of business and networking contacts to form complimentary and strategic partnerships in order to help you achieve your goals and propel you further in your business.


At DRD Computer Consultants, we don’t speak Geek to you! We leverage our highly personal yet professional communication skills to break down difficult technological concepts into everyday language.  You will clearly understand the issue, problem, process and the solution before we leave.


In the IT industry, we have witnessed it all too often! You hire an IT Services company, they walk in, spend five minutes in your home or office and all they tell you as they are walking out the door is, "It’s fixed". The next thing you know you get a hefty bill in the mail wondering what just happened? At DRD, we have a real passion to educate and inform you along the way as we perform the service or work through the problem. With each service, we will take the time to break down the problem and explain the resolution in a language you will understand and appreciate.


When we partner with you, we become much more than your IT Services company. We become a valued resource! Over the years, our clients have called upon us for recommendations and information on many different facets of life - not just IT Consulting. We are more than happy to be a resource for your organization on just about any topic.


There are so many choices available today when it comes to maintaining your organization's technology needs.

So why not choose one you can trust with over 35 years of experience and the integrity, and communication skills needed to deliver high quality professional service with that so often missed personal touch!

It's what sets us apart form the rest!

Experience the “DRD” Difference for yourself!

Contact us and see why we truly are a different kind of Technology company!

Dont’ just take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying about us!

“We are very pleased.......I appreciate the excellent attention to detail and professionalism of you and your team. I would recommend DRD to anyone in need of your services and would be glad to be a reference.”

Gary B. - President, Military Marketing Firm